Ocean City Seafood

Ocean City Seafood is a family owned, unique market that has been well established for over 37 years. We offer a wide selection of seafood that you are guaranteed to love. Ocean City Seafood is where the locals shop for fresh catches, locally sourced from our great Atlantic Ocean and fresh waters. Flown in world-wide, we provide a variety of fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans. 


Interested in making your next meal, event, or celebration of a sea delight? Take a look around our site to learn more about what we offer to Silver Spring Marylanders and our DMV community!


Catch Of the Week

Wanna try something new, or a hosting a special event? Try from our Catch Of the Week. 


Pick your catch and we will professionally clean, debone and fillet or butterfly.

Alaskan Jumbo Snow Crab Leg Cluster:  $29.99 per lb.

Alaskan Dungeness Crab Leg Cluster:  $39.99 per lb.

Alaskan King Crab Leg:  $49.99 per lb. 

Arctic Charr Fillet:  $17.99 per lb.

Basa Fillet:  $6.99 per lb.

Black Sea Bass:  $8.99 per lb. / whole fish

Blue Catfish Fillet:  $11.99 per lb.

Black Snapper:  $7.99 per lb. / whole fish

Branzino:  $12.99 per lb. / whole fish

Chilean Sea Bass Fillet:  $34.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

Clams (Littleneck/Topneck):  $9.99 per dozen

Cobia Fillet: $19.99 per lb.

Cod Fish Fillet:  $11.99 per lb.

Conch Meat (100% cleaned): $24.99 per lb. 

Captain's Hand-crafted Premium Jumbo Lump Crab Cake:  $10 per cake

Crab Meat (Pasteurized/USA):  Premium Jumbo Lump $59.99 per lb. / Premium Lump $39.99 per lb.

Flounder Fillet:  $18.99 per lb.

Grouper:  $21.99 per lb. fillet / whole fish $12.99 per lb. 

Halibut:  $29.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

Lobster Tails (6 oz. / 12 oz. / 18 oz.):  $39.99 per lb.

Mahi Mahi:  $16.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

Monkfish Fillet:  $17.99 per lb.

Mussels P.E.I. (hand picked):  $5.99 per lb.

North Atlantic Salmon Fillet:  $12.99 per lb.

North Atlantic Salmon Steak:  $11.99 per lb.

Octopus (cleaned/frozen):  $9.99 per lb. 

Orange Roughy (7-9 oz. fillet):  $17.99 per lb.

Oysters hand-picked from the Chesapeake Bay:  $19.00 per dozen

Rainbow Trout:  $12.99 per lb. / whole fish

Red Snapper:  $19.99 per lb. fillet / whole fish $9.99 per lb.

Rock Fish:  $21.99 per lb. fillet / whole fish $8.99 per lb.

Sea Scallop (Jumbo 10/20 - Dry):  $26.99 per lb.

Shrimp (Atlantic) with head-on Medium/Jumbo/Large: (Market Price) 

Sockeye salmon:  $24.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

Squid tube (cleaned):  $6.99 per lb.

Swordfish:  $19.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

Tilapia Fillet Fresh Cut:  $6.99  per lb.

Tuna (Ahi/Yellowfin):  $21.99 per lb. / vacuum packed portion

(Special catches, heads and bones also available)

*All vacuum packed selections (6-8 oz.) are SUSHI grade* 

Our boats are bringing in fresh catches daily. Please keep in mind that this is a basic menu and subject to change with seasonal availability and price changes. More selections, not reflected on the menu, are available in store.


Green mussels.JPG

<<  Special selections  >>

Shucked oysters:  1 pint jar $25.00

USA/Louisiana crawfish (Frozen/cooked)

5 lb. bag whole - $38.00

12 oz. tail meat - $20.00 

Green lip mussels - $9.99 per lb.

Crab Pot.jpg
Today's LIVE CRAB update

Male & Female
$30.00 per dozen
(We do not steam)

Live Lobster

Market Prices

Live Maine Lobsters: offered at market price per pound. Sizes 1.25/1.50 are normally available daily. Order ahead for large orders and events!

Lobster Tails: offered in both small and large sizes. A perfect match with a steak of your choice.

Marylanders Favorite!

Crab, Lobster and Shrimp Feast!

Everything you will need for your next seafood boil including J.O. Seasonings offered in store. Our crabs are blue and swimmers only! Remember, crabs in Maryland are seasonal, so please order ahead for special events, large orders and daily availability.


We also would like you to know that we carry mostly medium through large sized crabs both male and female.


Soft Shelled crabs and Frozen Blue crabs, limited availability.




Mon - SAT: 10am - 7:00pm

Sun: 10am - 5pm    

Eve the Calico Lobster

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